Citi Logik Case Studies



Founded in 2012, Citi Logik has worked on over 100 transport and urban planning projects in the UK and internationally.


Our expertise spans the Intelligent Mobile, Smarter Cities, Retail & Advertising and Built Environment sectors. 

Case Studies

Take a deep dive into some of the projects we've worked on:

Three pilot studies to show how mobile network data can help decision-making

A proof of concept study in water leakage management

How Citi Logik helped Hull  become a Smart City

Using mobile data to help assess the impact of Brexit on trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain

Govia Thameslink case study

Citi Logik collected real-time data for Govia Thameslink to display which trains had seats available and which were full

Working with Dorset County Council to plan future housing developments

Surrey County Council case study

How Surrey County Council developed a strategic transport matrix using Citi Logik data

How Citi Logik helped the Department for the Economy (NI) analyse HGV movements

Transport for London case study

Citi Logik helped TfL identify where people went after leaving Holborn underground station

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