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Department for the Economy Northern Irel

Case Study: Department for the Economy NI
(the impact of Brexit on trade)

How DfE used mobile network data to assess the impact of Brexit on trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain

Northern Ireland's Department for the Economy (DfE) required an improved understanding of the movement of heavy goods vehicles to shape new trading policies and procedures coming into force after Brexit.

Citi Logik devised a study that provided a representative view of trade passing through borders between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and via the Republic of Ireland. By helping to quantify the level of HGV traffic, the study has given policymakers valuable insights into the potential impact of their policies on people and businesses.

A summary:

  • Study area: key trading hubs and roads

  • Anonymised mobile network data

  • Data tested against ferry and port records

  • Study quantified HGV traffic GB-ROI

  • Trade route insights for policymakers

Department for the Economy NI case study
HGV Origin/Destination to and from Northern Ireland

In November 2020 the DfE published full research bulletin on the project:

Analysing HGV movements between NI and GB using mobile network data

Other examples using MND in HGV/traffic planning

Department for the Economy NI case study

Department for the Economy (NI)

How Citi Logik data was used to help the UK plan for Brexit

Hull City Council case study

Hull City Council

How Citi Logik helped Hull become a Smart City

Graphic Chart
Free sample data file

Make faster, better decisions using insights from mobile network data. Click below to request your free sample data file.

Analytics for HGV transport

Data for HGV Transport Planning

  • HGV solutions derived from mobile and Internet of Things sources

  • No fixed infrastructure required

  • Data on origin, destination and movements through specified areas

  • Visibility on HGV volume on the roads, crossing borders and at ports

  • Visibility on delays

  • Insights into sources of competitive advantage

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