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Patterns in the movement of people in vehicles

Privacy Information


Citi Logik Analytics helps our customers make better decisions by providing valuable insights into movement and usage patterns.  This activity isn’t about individuals – it’s about overall patterns.


Citi Logik uses two categories of data:

Anonymised aggregated location information to understand movement patterns along transport routes and in areas where people congregate.

​Anonymised demographic data such as age range is only used in aggregated and anonymised form.
We are committed to being transparent and respectful towards the owner of any data that we seek to analyse.  All our data is subject to best practice security standards to keep it anonymous and secure.

Citi Logik Client Data Services


Citi Logik provides the following data services for clients:

Data Collection and Statistical Methodology Services. Our data science team has proven expertise on large scale projects including:  data linkage and  matching, small area estimation, variance estimation, time series, data editing,  statistical modelling and analysis, experimental design and analysis.

Data Science and Analytical Services. Citi Logik is able to partner in: data manipulation, cleaning, sorting, linkage, mining, anomaly detection, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, deep Learning, neural networks and image processing, general data science algorithm development, ethics in data science, utilising data in innovative ways and visualisation.

Data Solutions and Expertise. Citi Logik provides managed, scalable Analytics as a Service to provide analytical, statistical and methodological capability using new or existing data sources, thematic reviews and statistical transformation work.

In all of our analytics products, our insights are never about the individual, only the population as a whole and are always presented to our clients in an aggregate form in compliance with UK and EU Privacy guidelines known as the General Data Protection Regulation.

Citi Logik Limited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

Citi Logik’s GDPR programme 
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new data protection law that was approved by the European Commission in April 2016 and applies to all EU Member States from 25th May 2018.
Citi Logik is fully compliant with the new GDPR legislation. For a number of years, Citi Logik has had a commitment to ensure compliance with privacy obligations. Citi Logik has appointed a Data Privacy Officer at Board level who oversees the implementation of the GDPR.

The data protection relationship with Citi Logik 
Dependent on the nature of the services we are providing you, Citi Logik may act as a data controller or as your data processor. When we are acting as data controller or data processor we will ensure that our data processing activities comply with the obligations laid out within the GDPR.
How we use data
Citi Logik analyses anonymised mobile network data for the purposes of understanding people and vehicle movements which in turns assists with the better planning and operation of our cities, towns, and transport networks.  The data we use is anonymised before we have access to it, and thereafter we analyse and aggregate the data according to data protection rules before presenting it to clients and other users. Note we do not have access to personal device or phone identifiers or any personal data associated with phone users.
If you are unsure about what data protection role Citi Logik is playing when providing you with products services, then please contact your account manager for more specific advice.

Citi Logik’s privacy programme 

Citi Logik has developed policies, procedures, controls and measures to ensure continued compliance with the GDPR and its principles, including staff training, policy documents, audit measures and assessments. Ensuring and maintaining the security and safety of personal and/or special category data belonging to the individuals with whom we deal is paramount to our company ethos. Citi Logik adheres to the GDPR and its associated principles in all processes and functions.
Location analytics opt-out
If you are a Vodafone UK phone subscriber you can find more information on phone analytics and opt out of the use of phone user data by clicking here.

Further questions 
For further information on our approach, policies and procedures, please contact

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