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Mobile data for HGV transport analytics

Mobile network data for HGV Transport

Data to enable smarter decisions for logistics

Citi Logik's mobile network data identifies HGVs enabling hauliers and local authorities to make data-driven decisions on logistics, traffic and routes to optimise efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and increase profits.

By giving clients greater visibility around HGV movements, we help them them increase efficiency while easing congestion and pollution.

Insights into:

  • HGV routes

  • HGV origin-destination

  • HGV dwell times

  • HGV volume

  • HGV delays

  • HGV border-crossing

The value of mobile network data for HGV planning:


Raise revenue, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage through HGV movement insights

Local authorities

Plan traffic and transport to minimise congestion and pollution

Trade planning

Gain detailed insights into cross-border trade flows through HGV movements 


HGV insight delivered the way you want it

You need more than just the data

Citi Logik can provide the origin and destination of HGV movements and passage through certain areas such as ports or borders, helping hauliers to gain a competitive advantage and local authorities to promote the use of alternate routes. 

Instead of providing raw data, Citi Logik provides carefully selected and processed data in a format suited to the client. 

Real-time analytics and dashboards to provide instant insights 

Data for integration into your platform

Data in CSV or XLSX format or via API for seamless integration

Pictorial representations of data to highlight changes in key metrics and provide actionable insights

Case Studies

Department for the Economy (NI) case study

Using mobile network data to help analyse HGV movements to and from Northern Ireland

HGV Origin_Destination to and from North
Graphic Chart
Free sample data file

Make faster, better decisions using insights from mobile network data. Click below to request your free sample data file.

Analytics for HGV transport

HGV Analytics Summary

  • HGV solutions derived from mobile and Internet of Things sources

  • No fixed infrastructure required

  • Data on origin, destination and movements through certain areas

  • Visibility on HGV volume on the roads, crossing borders and at ports

  • Visibility on delays

  • Insights into sources of competitive advantage

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