People Movement Portal


People movement analytics for everyone

Our People Movement Portal has been designed to deliver analytics and insights including when, why and by what mode people move.


Data is an extremely important part of this process, therefore designing any solution has to be based on a reliable source. Mobile Network Data (MND) utilises the largest sensor network deployed today.

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MND for Transport Planning

Get quick insights into:


Where & when people move


What mode of transport they use


Journey analysis (origin to destination)


Home & work places


How long people dwell


External data sources

Analysis Process

Analytics made easy

Flexible, visually interactive and exportable

The People Movement Portal allows users to generate and analyse datasets from a range of templates suiting different use cases mentioned previously. More than simply providing data, the portal is a toolkit to help unlock the insight within the data.


The basic process of generating insights is:


Create your Dataset

choose from a range of existing templates

Portal - Create Dataset


Explore your Data

using Interactive Maps and filters

Interactive Maps


Review your report

and export your data

Portal Analysis Report
Portal Analysis Report 2

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Buy credits and use them to create your own dataset

Explore a range of existing templates and see sample data, reports and insight.  Find a template to suit your needs or get in touch if you want something more bespoke.

Once your dataset is ready, explore!

Case Studies

Greater London Authority case study

Greater London Authority

How smart data unveiled insights on the movement of people and the numbers of people likely to congregate in an area at any one time

Hull City Council case study

Hull City Council

Hull City Council recognised that real-time passenger traffic data would help shape the road network and parking facilities and ease congestion

Graphic Chart
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Data used in City Planning

Use Cases

Transport / Urban Planning

Rail: train and station capacity and flow

Congestion and pollution monitoring

Event planning & catchment areas

Footfall analysis

Engineering projects

Tourism & spending

Out-of-home advertising

Park & ride

Electric vehicle charge point planning

Commuter patterns & home-working

HGV & trade

Population Movement

Data delivered the way you need it

A range of options depends on your needs

As well as data being available to download via a CSV file, the portal also enables access to our APIs. This will allow users to undertake queries on raw, pre-aggregated trips, based on their own segmentation requirements. Outputs will be returned in the form of files (JSON or other) with privacy applied to the data on the fly. This provides a high level of flexibility in terms of queries available and provides means for the Mobile Network Data to be integrated with other platforms and dashboards.


Data delivered in several ways:

Interactive Maps

A unique way to filter, explore and visualise the data

A commentary of the data supported by tables and graphs

Data is available via a CSV or via an API for integration into your other projects