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Dpeartment for the Economy Northern Irel

Case Study: Department for the Economy NI 
(using MND in the planning for Brexit)

How DfE used mobile network data to help plan for Brexit

The impact of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland has been one of the most complex and well-documented challenges arising from Brexit.

The Department for the Economy (DfE) needed to understand who was crossing the border on a daily basis, where they were going, how frequently and why. Citi Logik used anonymised mobile network data from Vodafone to give the DfE a representative picture.

A summary:

  • Anonymised mobile network data

  • Large dataset containing billions of events

  • DfE was able to spot patterns / extrapolate 

  • Results used by Office of National Statistics

  • Rigorous and repeatable study

Department for the Economy NI case study

Other examples using MND in HGV & transport planning

Department for the Economy NI case study

Department for the Economy NI

How Citi Logik helped the Department for the Economy (NI) analyse HGV movements

Greater London Authority case study

Greater London Authority

Three pilot studies to show how mobile network data can help decision-making

Graphic Chart
Free sample data file

Make faster, better decisions using insights from mobile network data. Click below to request your free sample data file.

Mobile data to help with Brexit planning

Data for HGV Transport Planning

  • HGV solutions derived from mobile and Internet of Things sources

  • No fixed infrastructure required

  • Data on origin, destination and movements through specified areas

  • Visibility on HGV volume on the roads, crossing borders and at ports

  • Visibility on delays

  • Insights into sources of competitive advantage

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