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Electric Vehicle analytics

Plan New EV Charge Points with Confidence

Understand potential locations in greater detail with Mobile Network Data.

Deploying new electric vehicle chargers requires significant investment, but how can you be sure you are putting them in the right place? Have you ever wondered why some sites perform and others don't? Citi Logik's EV Chargepoint Insights dataset can take the guess work out of site surveys, providing a range of insights about traffic at and around the location.


Traditional sources like traffic counts have been shown to contribute little to how well a charger is utilised. With mobile network data you can see:

  • Visits to the site by day & hour

  • Distance travelled

  • Origin and destination

  • Dwell time

  • Traversing flows (traffic passing by the site on their journey) and trip length

EV Chargepoint Insights Short Clip Small.gif

The value of mobile network data for EV strategy:

Charge Point Operators

Plan your investment and rollout strategy

Public sector

Understand EV travel patterns and the impact on infrastructure and traffic management

Forecourt firms

Identify the most financially viable charging locations


Machine Learning

Our proprietary model analyses thousands of different trips, types of land usage, and charger utilisation to find correlations. The results can then be used to analyse potential locations and forecast usage - before deciding whether to invest.

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Electric Charging Station

EV insight delivered the way you want it

Our self-service portal is the idea platform to deliver EV insights. 

Data visualisations through charts & tables, summary statistics

Delve deep into the data with built-in tools

Data in CSV or XLSX format or via API for seamless integration

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