Electric Vehicle analytics

Mobile network data for EV

Data to enable smarter decisions for the planning of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Electric Vehicles are set to transform our roads, but gathering data about usage patterns has historically been challenging.


Citi Logik applies anonymised mobile network data and machine learning to provide businesses and transport planners with insights into all aspects of current and likely EV usage.  This helps to inform the planning towards future ev charging infrastructure.

Insights into:

  • Traffic volumes identified, categorised and counted in a non-disruptive manner

  • All movements include true origin and destination 

  • Optimal locations for charging points based on traffic volume

  • Peak and off peak periods identified, enabling infrastructure impacts to be monitored

  • Zoning tailored to meet demand

More on the future of electric vehicles and the need for charging infrastructure.

Mobile network data for EV

The value of mobile network data for EV strategy:

Mobile network data for EV manufacturers

EV manufacturers

Greater insight into consumers to help with decision making

Mobile network data tounderstand EV travel patterns

Public sector

Understand EV travel patterns and the impact on infrastructure and traffic management

Mobile network data to identify financially viable charging locations

Forecourt firms

Identify the most financially viable charging locations


EV insight delivered the way you want it

You need more than just the data

We provide clean and robust anonymised mobile network data with off-the-shelf or custom zoning. The data includes origin-destination and demand matrices. Pre-, during and post-Covid data are available. Once the data is filtered and processed, we deliver it in your preferred format and help you gather the insights you need to make decisions.

Mobile Network Data analytics and dashboards

Real-time analytics and dashboards to provide instant insights 

Mobile Network Data integrated in to your big data project

Data in CSV or XLSX format or via API for seamless integration

Pictorial representation of MND-based people movement information

Pictorial representations of data to highlight changes in key metrics and provide actionable insights

Case Studies

Department for the Economy (NI) case study

Using mobile network data to help assess the impact of Brexit on trade between Northern Ireland and Great Britain

Surrey County Council case study

How Surrey County Council developed a strategic transport matrix using Citi Logik data

Hull City Council case study

How Citi Logik helped Hull  become a Smart City

Graphic Chart
Free sample data file

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EV analytics summary

EV Analytics Summary

  • EV data solutions derived from mobile and Internet of Things sources

  • No fixed infrastructure required

  • Data on origin, destination and movements through certain areas

  • Visibility on EV volume on the roads

  • Insights to help identify charging locations