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Greater London Authority mobile data pil

Case Study: Greater London Authority

GLA explores how mobile network data can support decision-making

The City Intelligence Unit at City Hall wanted greater insights on the movement of people and the numbers likely to congregate in an area at any one time. The unit commissioned City Logik to work on three pilot projects focusing on the night-time economy, high streets and major events.  

A summary:

  • City Hall data does not map people movement

  • Mobile data is abundant and ever-changing

  • Citi Logik data provides more context for decisions

  • This will help improve delivery of services 

Greater London Authority case study by Citi Logik

"Working with Citi Logik and using anonymised mobile data from Vodafone, the GLA is embarking on a pilot to see if it can add more colour to the view it has. Mobile data represents a good source of data because it is constantly available, changing and in abundance."

Other examples using MND in city/transport planning

Transport for London case study

Transport for London

Citi Logik helped TfL identify where people went after leaving Holborn underground station

Govia Thameslink case study

Govia Thameslink

Citi Logik collected real-time data for Govia Thameslink trains to display which trains had seats available and which were full

Hull City Council case study

Hull City Council

How Citi Logik helped Hull become a Smart City

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Free sample data file

Make faster, better decisions using insights from mobile network data. Click below to request your free sample data file.

Data to help with City Planning
  • Origin-destination analyser

  • Population density

  • Pollution watch

  • Roads real-time

  • Roads historic

  • News / social

Data for City Planning

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