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Hull City Council use Citi Logik data fo

Case Study: Hull City Council

Smart data helps Hull become a Smart City

Hull City Council's plan to become a Smart City involved deriving a Smart Digital Strategy for traffic and planning. The council recognised that real-time passenger traffic data would help shape the road network and parking facilities while easing congestion. 

Citi Logik is working with the council to build a Smart City Platform, integrating the data the city holds and making it accessible to the public. 

A summary:

  • Previous data not always 100% accurate

  • Real-time passenger traffic data

  • Use of AI to make real-time assessments

  • Traffic jams can be predicted in advance

  • Solution includes pollution monitoring

Hull City Council case study from Citi Logik

"The introduction of artificial intelligence through Citi Logik means that the teams will have access to tools that will help them answer immediate questions in a way they have never been able to before."

Other examples using MND in urban planning

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Three pilot studies to show how mobile network data can help decision-making

Graphic Chart
Free sample data file

Make faster, better decisions using insights from mobile network data. Click below to request your free sample data file. 

Data to help with City Planning
  • Origin-destination analyser

  • Population density

  • Pollution watch

  • Roads real-time

  • Roads historic

  • News / social

Data for City Planning

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