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Data for City Planning

Data for City Planners

Data to enable smarter decisions in city planning

Mobile network data enables city planners to understand congestion, traffic counts, people movement and pollution to make informed future planning decisions.

Insights into:

  • Roads real-time

  • Roads historic

  • Origin-destination analyser

  • Routes analysis

The value of City population movement data:

Traffic management

Current and predicted journey time across key routes

Major events

Understand population density in specific areas 

Emissions tracking

View pollution emissions in real-time

Population Movement

City insight delivered the way you want it

It's potentially more than just the data you need...

We provide clean and robust anonymised mobile network data with off-the-shelf or custom zoning. The data includes origin-destination and demand matrices. Pre-, during and post-Covid data are available. Once the data is filtered and processed, we deliver it in your preferred format and help you gather the insights you need to make decisions.

Citi Analytics from Citi Logik

citianalytics is a real-time city analysis tool tailored for decision makers within city planning

Data for integration into your platform

Data in CSV or XLSX format or via API for seamless integration

Pictorial representations of data to highlight changes in key metrics and provide actionable insights

City Analytics Background
Citi Analytics from Citi Logik

citianalytics is a web based real-time city analysis tool, enabling cities to understand congestion, traffic counts, people movement and pollution


Case Studies

Greater London Authority case study

Greater London Authority

How smart data unveiled insights on the movement of people and the numbers of people likely to congregate in an area at any one time

Hull City Council case study

Hull City Council

Hull City Council recognised that real-time passenger traffic data would help shape the road network and parking facilities and ease congestion

Graphic Chart
Free sample data file

Make faster, better decisions using insights from mobile network data. Click below to request your free sample data file

Data used in City Planning

Smart Data for City Planning

  • View traffic, movements and pollution in real-time

  • Analyse archive of city information

  • Web-based interface

  • APIs available for Smart City Platforms

  • Fully GDPR-complaint

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