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Transforming data into Information

Turning Mobile Network Data into Insights

Raw mobile network data won't give you actionable insights. We put it through a complex process to help you gather the insights you need to plan projects with confidence.

Mobile Network Data 

Every project is different and no two data sets are ever the same.
We use raw, anonymised mobile network data and filter it, supplement it and then process it to provide the exact data you need, in the format you require.

Turning Mobile Network Data into Insights

At the outset of a project, we will sit down with you to discuss:

  • Who are you looking to identify movement for?

  • What are you looking to measure / evaluate?

  • Where are the geographical area(s) concerned

  • What is the time frame? Real-time or historic data, time of day?

  • What are your objectives?

  • How do you want to receive and use the data?

Read the Ultimate Guide to Mobile Network Data

Data visualisations

Data delivered the way you need it

A range of options depending on your needs

There are a number of ways that we can deliver our data to you depending on whether you are looking to import it into another system, use it for visualisations or need it to be provided in real-time.

A data file

Data is available via a CSV or via an API for integration into your Big Data project

Pictorial representations of data to highlight changes in key metrics and provide actionable insights

Custom analytics / dashboards

Real-time analytics and dashboards

Data for integration into your systems

Based on your specific requirements, we will filter and process our data to create a file with the data you need for import into your systems.

The data you receive from us is:

  • Filtered for the applicable geographic zones and timeframes

  • Processed

  • Mapped

  • Expanded

  • Converged

  • Verified

  • Anonymised

  • GDPR-compliant

It will be delivered to you in a CSV or XLSX data file format.


Data Visualisation 


A hex grid is overlaid over Southwark, allowing users to move through time and select individual areas (hexagons) within the borough and to retrieve trip information from Citi Logik.


The data we provide can be used to support a variety of different visualisations.   

Here are just a few examples:

Transport Data insights in to population

MND for Transport and Urban Planning

Citi Logik have built custom datasets using mobile network data for over 100 transport and urban planning projects in the UK and overseas,

We take a consultative approach with our transportdata projects, tailoring our data solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.


Custom Analytics & Dashboards

Real-time data for swift decision-making

Citi Logik's analytics products enable instant access to datasets so that staff in all departments can make decisions based on what's happening now and what has happened historically.


citianalytics is a web based real time city analysis tool, enabling cities to understand congestion, traffic counts, people movement and pollution

Rail Analytics

railanalytics is a suite of services that tailor Citi Logik’s expertise with mobile and IoT data to the specific needs of train operators and rail passengers

API's from Citi Logik

The Citi Logik API

APIs to give clients quick and easy access to data

Citi Logik can create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for clients to provide them with instant access to the data they require directly into their own systems.


Safe, secure and compliant. When a client makes an API information request to the Citi Logik database, our secure system automatically adds privacy settings to ensure that the response is anonymised and GDPR-compliant.


Citi Logik works closely with clients to agree the most appropriate format for the API, including the parameters to incorporate and typical information requests such as “Get Trips From” and “Get Trips To”.

Graphic Chart
Look at some sample data

Mobile network data insights can help you to accelerate your decision making process.

Why not take a look at some sample data to see how it could help to make your next project a success.

Case Studies

Case Studies

See how our data has helped other organisations.

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