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citi logik population movement analysis.


We analyse 150 million journeys every day, to help you improve decision making.

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This is what we do.

Raw mobile network data


We take raw mobile network data (MND)

Mapping and zoning


We map it spatially & temporally and apply zoning

Machine learning


We apply our machine learning algorithms to find journeys, purpose, mode, and more

People movement insights


We provide detailed people movement insights that add real value

Mobile Network Data

Providing decision-makers with the insights they need

Whether you need to understand travel patterns, predict train occupancy or identify how a housing development will affect local infrastructure, our data and analytics will help you plan with confidence and get real-time insight. Our team of experts in population movement, transport modelling and data science help clients make informed decisions on all manner and size of projects. 

We can help you to understand origins and destinations, dwell time, journey purpose, mode of transport, and more. Since 2012, we have helped to shape over 100 projects in the UK and internationally by creating customised data sets based on anonymised mobile network data (MND) and machine learning.

Big Data

Millions of daily journeys offer unparalleled accuracy

Historic Data

Don't wait to get started; travel back in time using archive data

Environmentally Friendly

No deployment of hardware or infrastructure is required, no site visits are needed

True Population

MND does not rely on an app or device and is not constrained by data-sharing restrictions

Why MND?

Mobile Network Data is a superior data source compared to alternatives and traditional methods.

* Location-based services

New to Mobile Network Data?

Read The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Network Data, including information about:

  • What is Mobile Network Data?

  • The History of Mobile Network Data

  • Turning Mobile Network Data into actionable insights

  • What can Mobile Network Data be used for?

  • Mobile Network Data applied

  • The Future for Mobile Network Data

We analyze 150 million journeys every day.

Mobile Network Data - providing insights for:

Design buildings and roads based on how people move around urban spaces

Forecast demand for services with real-time updates on train and station capacity and flow 

Gather clean and robust data to help engineering partners deliver successful projects

Understand routes and average speeds for greater efficiency and reduced environmental impact

Choose future locations based on insights into commuters' travel preferences

Understand where to install EV points based on where and when people charge their cars

Congestion Management

Minimise congestion and pollution by analysing traffic flow patterns

Event Planning

Make data-driven decisions on timing, road closures, diversions and staffing levels 

Outdoor Advertising

Analyse population movement to establish prime locations for billboards and other formats

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Citi Logik providing insight into the way people move

Citi Logik provides insight into the way people move on foot, in a vehicle or by train. Formed in 2012, we are a British technology company established to help organisations gain insights derived from anonymised mobile network data (MND) enabling them to make better decisions.  

About Citi Logik

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