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Citi Logik works with Department of Transport Systems Catapult on MND Recommendations Paper

Updated: May 6, 2021

Citi Logik is proud to have participated in the development of a Catapult paper entitled ‘Utilising Mobile Network Data for Transport Modelling’. This 'Recommendations Paper' to the UK Department of Transport  (DfT), co-authored by Citi Logik’s head of analytics Philippe Perret, lays the foundation on how to use mobile network data (MND) in transport planning. It provides recommendations and background information relating to the use of MND pre-processing; data request/specification; benchmarking; MND to model matrix; and legal and ethical considerations. A must read for anyone interested in Smart Cities, Connected Transport, Intelligent Mobility, Location Analytics. The findings and recommendations will help transport modellers in commissioning data capture, processing, verifying and ultimately building matrices using MND.

Utilising Mobile Network Data recommendations paper

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