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Citi Logik and Australia's Matrix Traffic and Transport Data Limited join forces

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

CitiLogik is currently part of a InnovateUK delegation of the nation’s most promising innovators and entrepreneurs to Melbourne and Sydney; two of the most forward-thinking cities in terms of their approach to sustainable living and smart infrastructure. While in Sydney, Citi Logik Limited is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with Matrix Traffic and Transport Data Limited to develop the Smart Cities and Intelligent Mobility markets providing a full set of traffic and advanced analytics services:

Matrix Traffic and Transport Data Limited is the market leader in traffic & transport data specialising in manual, video and automatic traffic counters.  The company is a full-service traffic survey firm offering a complete range of quantitative and qualitative services across consumer, business and specialist markets.

Citi Logik is a network and IoT analytics company focused on understanding movement by vehicle, on foot and by public transport. Citi Logik has created a big data capability focused on predictive analytics to drive value from the existing 3/4G and future 5G/IoT networks.

Announcing the deal Stephen Leece, CEO Citi Logik said: “We see the establishment of Citi Logik in Australia as a natural extension of our work in the UK, Middle east, India and Scandinavia.  Across the world Cities are experiencing the same issues of urbanisation - congestion, pollution, the need to invest in infrastructure. Citi Logik and Matrix Traffic analytics enable city planners to make smarter choices about resource allocation when pressures on public finances mean that they must do more with less. We are particularly pleased to bring Citi Logik’s capabilities to Australia and New Zealand's major cities with the prospect of developing world leading traffic analytics capability derived from the local 3/4/5G networks.”

Marty Prowse, Managing Director, Matrix Traffic and Transport Data noted: “Citi Logik leads the world in both historic and real-time analysis of mobile network data for the public good while adhering to the highest standards of privacy compliance. In Australia, Matrix is a leader in traffic surveys, research, data collections and information analysis within the traffic and transport fields. Together, I believe we can add value to the ways in which major transport infrastructure projects, such as Sydney’s new international airport, are planned and delivered in this country by providing world class Big Data solutions.”

Both companies will jointly exhibit at the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM) Conference, Perth, 24-27 July 2018

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