Mobile Network Data derived dynamic population data providing location insights for the retail & OOH market


How many visitors? Our data will tell you how many people visit your current sites. It will also allow you to compare different potential sites and analyse the locations of your competitors.

Who are they? Footfall information is provided in CAMEO socio-economic categories allowing you to understand the types of people visiting different locations.

Where do they come from? We can tell you where people started their journey and where they go after leaving the site. We can also tell you the home locations of visitors using the site.

When do they visit? We provide data by hour, day or month enabling you to understand the arrival patterns of existing and potential customers. Chart this information over time to find trends and make better decisions.

How long do they stay for? We measure how long people stay at the shopping centre and provide a breakdown of visit lengths.

How often do they visit? We will tell you how often visitors make trips  to your locations.


RetailAnalytics summary


  • Derived from Mobile Data

  • Detailed footfall analysis

  • Fully GDPR Compliant

  • No physical infrastructure required

  • Consumable via API, .csv download or user interface

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