Big Data analytics enabling smarter decisions in the rail industry


RailAnalytics is a suite of services that tailor Citi Logik’s expertise with mobile and IoT data to the specific needs of train operators and rail passengers.


RailWatch is a system that produces real-time and historic train occupancy data that can forecast train occupancy before a train arrives at a station.  It acts as an operational decision support tool for TOCs and allows passengers to make informed journey choices.

StationWatch provides passenger flow information for railway stations. Available in both real-time and as historic datasets, it enables station managers to improve operations.

StationAnalytics shows the catchments for railway stations and provides information on the first-mile/last mile of rail journeys.

DelayAnalytics enables operators to assess the impacts of train delays and understand how passengers respond to them.


RailAnalytics summary


  • Rail solutions derived from mobile and IoT sources

  • No fixed infrastructure required

  • Real-Time train occupancy

  • Station crowding analysis

  • Station catchment analysis – first mile/last mile

  • Understand impacts of train delays

  • Fully GDPR compliant

London to Brighton Train Occupancy

This video shows data collected in real-time for Govia Thameslink trains on the East Croydon to Brighton line. We use a simple traffic light system to identify which trains have seats available, which have standing room and which are full. It is possible to drill down to look at the results by station, by train and by direction and also track a train through its journey to identify changes in occupancy as it moves.


Without using any additional hardware or software, we were able to accurately forecast train occupancy before trains arrived at a station.

Station Analytics: Holborn Station

During the redesign of Holborn underground station, TfL wanted to know where people went after leaving the station. The aim was to ensure that the number of people crossing the busy roads outside the station was minimised.


We are able to show the direction that people travelled in, as well as their end destinations. This provided TfL with the evidence they needed to carry out the work and be confident that they had got it right first time, potentially saving them from making costly changes at a later date.

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