Mobile phone derived dynamic population data to understand out of home advertising


Successful out of home advertising relies on knowing the locations of your target customers. Citi Logik’s AdAnalytics enables companies to analyse dynamic population data to determine the optimal sites for out of home advertising.


Derived from mobile phone movement traces and developed using a rigorous statistical methodology, AdAnalytics  provides a detailed picture of the urban landscape, allowing advertisers to:


  • Understand the locations of target customers by time of day and day of week

  • View dynamic population details – people walking/cycling, people static, people travelling by vehicle

  • Compare locations within each city

  • Determine whether footfall is increasing or decreasing in different areas of the city

  • Citi Logik provide AdAnalytics via API, .csv download or through our Citi Analytics Interface.



AdAnalytics summary

  • Dynamic urban population data

  • Derived from Mobile Data

  • Socio-economic breakdown

  • Counts for every 15 minutes

  • Data 24 hours a day

  • Trend analysis

  • Location Comparison

  • Consumable via API, .csv download or user interface

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